GFWC Information

GFWC is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s volunteer service organizations. For more information, click here.The General Federation of Women’s Clubs was founded in 1890 and promotes local volunteer service in more than 6000 clubs throughout the United States and the world.

Each state is a division of the General Federation of Women’s Club. This organization has their own officers, district directors, executive and steering committees, board of directors, and department chairmen.

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GFWC Facts:

·Since its inception the General Federation of Women’s Club has been an important force in funding America’s first national parks and supported the creation of the National Park Service.Each state federation established a park within their state. During

·During World War I, GFWC formed the Overseas Service Unit, which sent one hundred wound women to Europe to assist wounded soldiers. GFWC also raised money for the purchase of Liberty Bonds and to support the Red Cross and the YMCA.

·GFWC began a campaign to name official state birds and flowers in the 1920’s.

·GFWC was instrumental in securing national support for the United Nations.In 1945, GFWC was one of the only five women’s organizations invited by the government to send delegated to the United Nations Conference.

·By 1933, GFWC had founded 75% of America’s public libraries, as well as pioneered the idea of book mobiles.

·In the 1950’s, GFWC’s Americanism Department called for members to help refurbish Independence Hall. GFWC raised and contributed more than any other donor organization.

·Many modern safety measures were early GFWC programs.The Federation had campaigns for seatbelts in all cars, streetlights on neighborhood streets and accurate labeling of food and medications.

·GFWC represents its members on Boards of Directors, Advisory Boards and organizational coalitions, including (among others) Keep America Beautiful, make a Difference Day, child Labor Coalition, Connect America, Strong Women: Inside and Out, and the National Center on Women and Aging.

GFWC’s motto, “Unity in Diversity” was taken from a speech at the first GFWC conference. ”We look for unity, but unity in diversity.We hope that you will enrich us by your varied experiences . . .”Those same goals of bringing interesting ideas, speakers, diverse experiences and friendship to our women’s club meetings, as well as unity to volunteer service to make our community a better place, are still what our club is about.