GFWC Western Pocono Women’s Club August 2021 – Newsletter

Club Officers: Fern Smith, President, Vicki Connor, Vice President, Mary Minnucci, Treasurer, Darlene Beers, Secretary.

The August Club Meeting will be held at 7pm on the 16th at Effort Methodist Church. Our program for the evening will be a presentation on Qigong, a traditional, self healing, mind–body therapy by Kiki Peppard.

HOBY: The Pleasant Valley student, Maria Saitta, who we sponsored to attend HOBY, will also share her experience at this year’s virtual seminar at the meeting.

Refreshment Committee for this meeting is: Bonnie P., Marylouise D., Judy S., Fern S. and Denise S.

 It’s Back to School Time:  instead of food items, this month we are requesting donations of the following school supplies: pencils, dry erase markers, pocket folders, glue sticks, crayons and highlighters.  Thank You!

2021 West End Fair:  This year’s fair is the week of August 22nd thru the 28th. Our food stand at the fair is our club’s only way of generating revenue to fund all of our Community Service Projects. We are counting on every club member that is able to staff our food stand and help with the prep before the fair. Donna C. is in charge of filling shifts at the stand and there are still plenty of empty spots. Please make her day by giving her a call to fill one or two of those shifts. (A fringe benefit is that you get a free pass to get into the fair the day you volunteer in our stand which is located right by the musical entertainment)!!

REMINDER: On Wednesday, August 11th at 9am, we will meet at the fairgrounds to clean and stock our stand. The following week, on August 19th at 8am, we will be making our famous soups at the Polk Firehouse. Our menu is the same as in the past, Hot and Juicy Roast Beef Sandwich, Homemade Soups, Fresh Tossed Salad with Homemade Dressings, and our Famous Strawberry Shortcake. We regret that we will need to increase some of the prices but, due to the rise in our supplies, it is necessary. We are again asking for donations of bottle water. (16.9oz bottles in a case of 24, please) If you have any questions about our fair stand, please email Pat M.

Save The Date:  Our club will be celebrating 50 years as a Federated Women’s Club on October 2nd. The Anniversary Committee is planning a special event in celebration of our outstanding service to our community through the years. If you plan to attend and have not signed up as yet, Vicki C. would like you to contact her no later than August 9th.

Community Beautification Projects: Thanks to all the rainy weather this past month, our flowers at the West End Fair and Western Pocono Memorial Park are thriving. A special thank you to Lisa A., Kris M., Pat M. and Phil B. for donating their time and energy to beautify these areas.

Yearbooks: 2021-2022 Yearbooks were given to the members present at the July meeting. For those who did not get theirs yet, see Membership Chair, Kathy B. when you attend your next meeting. Thank you to Linda B. and Vicki C. for all the time they spent creating the yearbooks.

August Happy Birthday Wishes:  Carol E., Pat K.

Hugs and Prayers: Continue to keep Kathy H., Margaret K., Fern B. and Sue E. in your thoughts and prayers.