Western Pocono Women’s Club May 2022 – Newsletter Club

Officers Fern Smith, President ; Vicki Connor, Vice President; Mary Minnucci, Treasurer; Darlene Beers, Secretary

May Membership Meeting— Our May meeting will be held at Effort Methodist Church on Monday, the 16th at 7pm. We invited a guest speaker, Patti Weiss, who is the director of The Western Pocono Community Library.

May Donations— This month’s request for donations is diapers, wipes, or onesies. Angel’s Closet distributes these items to families of newborns who are in need of layettes to bring their babies home from the hospital. Also, donations of children’s books are needed for the free book shelves at St. Luke’s and LV Pocono Health Care Facilities in Brodheadsville. This is a great project that helps entertain the children when they are waiting to see a health care provider.

May Refreshment Committee— Joan B., Stacy M., Cindy S., Lisa E. and Lisa A. There is an opening for one person to help the refreshment committee for the months of June, August and September. Please help fill these spots and sign up at our May Meeting. A committee is needed for our annual Christmas Party, as well.

New Member –Welcome to our newest club member Theresa A. who joined in April. 

WPWC Cookbook— Lynne M., Lisa A. and Stacy M. are collecting three or four of your favorite recipes. They’d also like to include recipes of club members who are no longer with us. If you have a favorite recipe of one of our former members, pass that along to them as well. Please email your recipes to or you can take a picture of your recipes and text them to Stacy. Deadline for recipes is the beginning of May so the cookbooks will be ready to sell at our fair food stand.

West End Fair— It’s the 100th Anniversary of the West End Fair and there will be a lot of extra attractions and celebrations for this year’s fair which will be held August 21st thru the 27th. At our last meeting, it was decided to order a banner for the back of our stand with “Congratulations to the West End Fair on Your 100th Anniversary” We will need members to volunteer to staff the food stand, help with preparing the soup and help to clean the stand before and at the end of the fair. A huge thank you to Fern and Darryl S. for putting pavers and stones at the back of our stand to place the bench in memory of Margaret Kluk.

Quilts Made With Love–Our May quilting session will be at the home of Pat M. on Thursday, May 19th beginning at 9:30. At our April session we completed 32 lap quilts for the Veterans and MOW clients. Thank you to faithful quilters who not only work that day but also complete tops and machine quilt them at home.

May Happy Birthday Wishes To: Robin B., Joan B., Mary M .and Linda T.

What to Do When You Find a Tick –Should you find a tick on yourself or your pet(s), here are the steps you can take to find out if the tick is carrying Lyme disease or other tick-borne illnesses: 1. Remove the tick and seal it in a plastic bag. 2. Go to and select which diseases you want the tick tested for. 3. Mail the tick to the tick lab (562 Independence Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301). 4. Receive your tick test results within 72 hours. ** The longer a tick is attached the greater risk for transmission of disease.** For more information, you can visit