Western Pocono Women’s Club September 2022  

Officers:  Fern Smith, President ; Vicki Connor, Vice President; Mary Minnucci, Treasurer; Darlene Beers, Secretary

September Membership Meeting Our September Meeting will be held at Effort Methodist Church on Monday, the 19th at 7pm. Our program for the evening will be presented by Sara-May Silfee, Director of Monroe County Elections and Voter Registration.

September Donations – School supplies such as: pencils, glue sticks, crayons, markers and dry erasers, spiral note books etc.

September Refreshment Committee- Carol R., Judy S., Nicole W., Shirley C. and Gail U. Paper products, coffee and tea are available in our supply containers. However, the committee will need to furnish any coffee creamer or cold drinks along with their refreshments. Please contact each other ahead of the meeting to make arrangements as to what you’d like to serve.

WPWC Cookbook– Thank you to Stacy M., Lisa A. and Lynne M. who did a phenomenal job of coordinating our 50th Anniversary Cookbooks. We sold quite a few at the fair. They are full of your wonderful recipes, are only $10 and a great idea for a gift!

West End Fair– What a wonderful celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the West End Fair. There was so much to see and do throughout the week. The 100th Anniversary Cake made from hay bales, huge 4×4 ft. Wooden Quilt Block painted by local artists, and Anniversary Quilt made by Sharon Gower and Shelba Scheffner were just some of the awesome items on display. A special thank you to our club’s fair committee, Fern S., Darlene B., Lisa A. and Shirley C. who spent countless hours before, during and after the fair to make sure everything ran smoothly. Also, thank you to many of our club’s members and members of Effort Methodist Church who helped staff the stand throughout the week. Our own, Judy S., even made TV Channel 13 news to promote our strawberry shortcake. Financially, it was a huge success, thanks to the crowds we had every day except for a rainy Monday. Mary M. will have a detailed report as soon as she receives all the bills. The only leftover for sale is our salad dressing which will be at our Sept. meeting.

Group Display– Congratulations to Bonnie P. and Isabel P. for another Blue Ribbon Display that depicted what our club does for our community. We received a check in the amount of $170 for their winning entry. Thanks, ladies for sharing your time, talent and creativity!!

Decorations Back of Stand– Kudos to Sharon and Jim G. for decorating the back of our food stand with picket fence, hay bales, corn stalks and flowers. Along with the bench, in memory of Margaret Kluk, and the pad, made with pavers by Darryl and Fern S., the area in back of our stand was so inviting and beautiful.

Lost and Found – A gray Carhartt Baseball Cap was left in the stand and can be claimed by calling Pat M.

WPWC Shirt -Would you like a shirt with our club’s logo? All for have to do is purchase a yellow t-shirt or golf-type shirt and contact Darlene B. who will embroider our logo on your shirt for $5.

Quilts Made With Love– Our group quilting sessions will resume at the home of Pat M. on September 15th at 9:30 until approximately 3:00. Please let Pat know if you plan to attend. 

September Happy Birthday Wishes To: Sue E. and Gail S.

Thoughts, Prayers and Get Well– Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers for healing. Dean Bumbulsky, son of Joan, and Shawn Everett, husband of Lisa and brother to Stacy M. who are facing many hospital and doctor visits for treatments of their cancer.